Don’t have a social media presence for your business? Or think it’s too much hassle to manage and maintain it? Find it way to complicated to use social media to advertise?

This is where NoopslyTM comes in.

Noopsly is a social media advertising platform designed for businesses who don’t want to manage their social media ads themselves. It takes away all of the complexity of advertising on social media so that you can take advantage of the massive advertising reach provided by social media without actually managing any of it for yourself!

Noopsly allows any business to use social media advertising without any knowledge of social media and without even any social media accounts. Once an ad is created, it runs automatically on Facebook allowing people on Facebook to learn more about your business and click through to your web site.

The easy-to-use Noopsly wizard allows anyone to create and manage ads.
Noopsly Screen FlowOur philosophy for Noopsly is simplicity, so we’ve made sure that we do all the complex work for you behind the scenes.If there is anything you think could be simpler, let us know through our Contact page and we’ll see what we can do.

With Noopsly you can advertise to the millions of people who use Facebook every day, without worrying about managing Facebook for your business and without needing to use any complex graphic tools. We do it all for you!

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You don’t pay a thing until you launch your ad, so feel free to play!

NoopslyTM  – free yourself from social media.